The Bulange Parliament in the parliament of the Kingdom of Buganda and is where the Lukiiko usually meet to deliberate on the affairs of the Kingdom. The Bulange Building also houses the CBS Radio Station. This remarkable building was designed by the British Architect Mark Andrew and was constructed from 1952 to 1956. Thus, it can be noted at the Bulange Building is a result of Western monumental architectural influences inter mixed local and traditional leadership aspirations glorying in exhalation of the Kabaka as the supreme ruler of Buganda. The western design undercurrents of Bulange were aimed at giving Uganda’s and African Kingdoms a contemporary outlook.


The Building has the offices of the Kabaka and the Katikkiro and the building serves as the headquarters of the Kingdom of Buganda The Building is perched on Namirembe Hill 1.6km in the north west of the Mengo palace gates. A straight road named Kabaka Anjagala Road translates as the King Loves Me Road leads you to the main entrance of the palace.
The Bulange building shows the process that the Kingdom of Buganda has undergone to reach this far. Initially they used to seat under the trees which were later replaced by grass thatched buildings and then Kabaka Mutesa II came along with the drawing materials from abroad directed the construction of the current building which costed Five million Pounds funded by the Kingdom of Buganda

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