The Ugandan Parliament dates back to 1888 with the arrival of the Imperial British East African Company which brought an established legislation system in the 1902 ordinance which continued to 1920. After this time, a legislative council (LEGCO) was promulgated and at the beginning it comprised of seven members who were to be Europeans and these included; The Governor, Sir Robert Coryndon who was the President of the Council. The other official members were the Chief Secretary, Mr. E.B. Jarvis; the Acting Attorney General, Mr. A.B. Howes; the Treasurer, Mr. A.E. Boory; and the Principal Medical Officer, Dr. C.A. Wiggins. There were also two unofficial. Mr. E.H. Levis and Mr. W.S. Garn hem (who was deputizing for Dr. H.H. Hunter). The first Council meeting on 23rd March 1921 in the High Court Chambers in Entebbe. On the 26th May, 1926 the first Asian, Mr. Chrunabai Jekabhai Amin, was sworn in as a member of the Council which was a positive step in ensuring corporation in the whole protectorate. The move to incorporate other groups of people and by 1945, the council had Africans, Asians and Europeans. On October 23, 1945 the Governor Sir John Hall announced that the state for the three African Members were to be nominated from Buganda, Western and Eastern Provinces as approved by the state of the colonies. On the 4th December, 1945, the first Africans to join the LEGCO were sworn in. These included; Michael Earnest Kawalya Kaggwa, Petero Nyangabyaki and Yekonia Zirabamuzaale. These were Katikkiro of Buganda; Katikkiro of Bunyoro; and the Secretary General of Busoga respectively. The Northern Province was reconstituted in three years and allowed to have a representative in council.


Following the Independence of Uganda on 9th October 1962, the national Assembly was to be elected before the Government receives instruments of power. This has gone throughout the years and Uganda now boasts a fully functioning independent parliament that guides drafting of national laws. Paying a visit to Ugandan Parliament is very rewarding

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