The Gadhafi National Mosque is about five minutes’ walk from the new taxi park and is located on top of the Old Kampala Hill where the camp for the Capt. Lugard the IBEACo administrator lived in 1890. The Gadhafi National Mosque dates back in 1970s during the Amin’s era who offered to build a mosque for the Muslims in Uganda but did failed on foundation level due to budgetary constraints. The dream was later fulfilled by the visiting President of Libya Col. Muammar Gadhafi who was approached by the Sheikh Shaban Ramadan Mubagye with a request to construct for them a worshiping place.


Gadhafi responded positively and built this large mosque which – is the second largest on the whole continent of Africa. In 2008, the mosque was officially opened and a range of presidents were in attendance including the Gadhafi himself, President Museveni among others. The Mosque boasts of impressive interior décor and a minaret that once climbed up to the top one can gain Ariel views of Kampala. One can join the Muslims during their prayers dressed in their religious Kanzus especially in the festivities like the Idd when great counts of Muslims gather for worship.

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