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Kampala is quite a busy city and getting around can be a little tiring if you’ve got no Car. The Matatus and taxis are quite conjested and in bad shape. You there need a car to rent and we are hear to offer you the most affordable and convenient options for Car rental in Kampala. Below are our range of Cars to choose from and we look forward to being of great service to you.

Below is a list of different types of cars for hire.


Special Discount Rates Guaranteed !!

In this category, we can offer you a Toyota Corona, Toyota Premio and Toyota Ipsum. The carrying capacity ranges from 2 to 4 pax with a spacious boot for laggage. The price ranges from USD 50 to USD 70 per day inclusive of a driver but without Fuel. Our car hire is based on limited mileage and applies to travel within Uganda.( Terms and conditions apply).


Special Discount Rates Guaranteed !!

In this category we have the Toyota Prado 4X4 land cruiser which costs USD 120 per day . We have 7 seater land cruisers at US$ 180 per day and the Land cuiser Vx costs US$ 150 per day on free mileage basis excluding fuel . ( Terms and Conditions apply).


Special Discount Rates Guaranteed !!

In this Category, we have 4X 4 Safari Mini bus with capacity ranging from 6 seater to 14 seater and they’ve got a pop up roof for game viewing purposes. These have got diesel powered engines and come with a driver guide but excluding fuel. The costs per day ranges from USD 100 to USD 150 per day depending on the carrying capacity.
We also have Executive Toyota Super customs and Toyota Regius which are convenient for delegates, family and town running purposes. They carry a maximum of 7 people , have a sliding roof and these cost USD 120 per day.


Special Discount Rates Guaranteed !!

In this category , We have 29- 35 seater buses with Air-conditioning and these cost US$ 150 per day with a driver but Exclusive of fuel

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