The prestigious Makerere University is apparently the greatest Institution of higher learning in the north of Limpompo south of Sahara, east of Equatorial Jungle and the west of Indian Ocean. Started in 1922 as a humble technical school, Makerere University also commonly referred to as the Ivory tower is the second oldest institution in Uganda following Katigondo Seminary in Masaka. Makerere University has got rich heritage that is embedded in its colonial architectural buildings along with those with contemporary architecture. The Main building which is the main administration block has got remarkable architecture and its towering top has always appeared on top of very news regarding Makerere and has thus become a darling for the travellers.

Main Libray and Ivory Tower Buildings

The senate building which is the center for academics in the University coupled with the gigantic Library which is the largest in East Africa presents a lasting experience for those that visit Makerere University. Makerere University is also endowed with flora and fauna. Primates like Monkeys along with birds like Hadada Ibis Marabou stork, Cattle Egret among others can be seen within the University. The impressive flora which gives the University an environment of freshness and a complete learning haven that is very calm despite its closeness with the bustling Kampala is another thing to wonder of.
Makerere University has got a range of innovations and inventions that are an attraction in themselves. The electric vehicle Kiira EV, food incubation center and the software developments in the departments of Engineering, food science and IT respectively are worthy exploring.

Makerere University students Innovations

The University boasts of a student population of 35,000 hailing from different countries in the great lakes region and beyond which are very pleasant to interact with when on a tour in Makerere University. There are a range of sculptureā€™s and monuments in the University featuring famous personalities like Julius Nyerere, Dr. David Livingstone, Kwameh Nkrumah and historical events like wars, museum like the zoology museum, Margaret Trowel School of Fine Art which was the second home of the Uganda Museum not forgetting a range of paintings and art works that have been accumulated for over 90 years that Makerere University has been in existence. The university has got impressive views of Kampala city and the traditional Kasubi tombs where the Kings of Buganda are buried.

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