The Uganda National Museum is the oldest Museum in East Africa and the best rooted in ethnographic collection. First established in a small Sikh Temple at Old Kampala in 1905 close to Fort Lugard, the Uganda Museum has gone through process before it settled at its current home on Kitante Hill. From Old Kampala, the museum was shifted to Makerere University Margaret Trowel School of Fine Art following the increase in the number of artifacts. The Uganda Museum was finally resettled at Kitante Hill in 1954. The museum has a range of artifacts that represent the Uganda’s past.

Some of the attractions at the museum

The collection ids from different tribal communities including the musical instruments, fetishes, items that were used in the daily life among others are rewarding to look at while on the tour in the museum. The ancient heritage like the archaeological excavations in the Bachwezi settled area such as the Bigo by’ Mugyenyi, Nakayima tree site in Mubende take you back to explore deep in the Uganda’s past. The museum also houses plans of great national projects, portraits of national heroes and other people significant to Uganda’s history and the vehicles that have got historical attachment.

Museum's Parkyard

The back yard of the museum has got a range of traditional architectural huts representing all tribal communities in Uganda and thus offers a summarized encounter of the Uganda’s culture.

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