The Saloon Car is a three box configuration with A, B & C pillars along with principal volumes articulated in separate sections for engine, passenger and the cargo. The passenger section has two rows of seats, enough passenger space in the front section for adult passengers. The cargo section is ways in the rear except for the front engine models.
Under the saloon cars, we provide a range of types including the Toyota Corona, the Toyota Primo and Toyota Ipsum. The capacity to take 2 – 4 people for the sake of the corona and the premio and up to 6 people for Ipsum makes them a darling for small groups travelling together.

The price for the saloon vehicle ranges from USD 50 to USD 70 per day inclusive of a driver but without Fuel. Our car hire is based on mileage and the priority is given to travel within Uganda though cross border extensions can be negotiated under keen consideration. (Terms and Conditions Apply).


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