Overview of the 1 Day Lake Mburo Cultural Safari with a Nature Hike / 1 Day Uganda Wildlife Safari with Cultural Encounter

Lake Mburo National Park is located about 270km away from Kampala and this makes it a favourable destination for many safari-goers who are looking for an easy Uganda wildlife safari excursion trip. Dubbed the whispers of the wild, Lake Mburo is a true tropical gem that will absolutely thrill you while on a short Uganda wildlife tour as it comes with a myriad of attractions that range from spectacular wild game like cape buffaloes, hippos, giraffes, elands, Burchell’s zebras topis, deffasa waterbucks as well as the 350 board species that are call this tropical savanna land home.

This 1 day Uganda safari gives you an opportunity to explore this great paradise with a morning nature walk and also encounter the natives that call the peripherals of this national park home.

Highlights of the 1 Day Lake Mburo Cultural Safari with a Nature Hike / 1 Day Uganda Wildlife Safari with Cultural Encounter

Transfer from Kampala to Lake Mburo National Park then engage in a morning nature walk and enjoy an epic Uganda cultural safari exchange as you meet the natives that live adjacent to the park.

Detailed itinerary of the 1 Day Lake Mburo Cultural Safari with a Nature Hike / 1 Day Uganda Wildlife Safari with Cultural Encounter

Wake up very early in the morning to get ready yourself for a joyous Uganda safari adventure which is a safari Uganda to Lake Mburo National park. Pick up will be from your hotel in Kampala or Entebbe. This road trip is captivating as it’s filled with spectacular road sightings. On this road adventure, you are likely to meet the Ugandans going about their daily activities that include tilling their gardens or transferring to the next market place for trading. Embrace the serenity of Uganda’s sunrise that transcends the eastern horizon on a clear morning which will definitely make your heart glow with the warmth of Uganda’s beauty. At Kayabwe, you have got an opportunity to get out of the 4×4 safari van or 4×4 luxury land cruiser and enjoy a the equator experience and experiment that comes that indicates to you the ever prevalent change in the direction of water flow. Continue with your journey to Lake Mburo National Park and on arrival transfer to one of the nature hiking starting point begin your Uganda hiking safari. This hike in Lake Mburo National Park gives you an in-depth insight into Lake Mburo wilderness as you are presented with an opportunity to meet some of the wild dwellers of these lands such as the Burchell zebras, topis, elands, and waterbucks and on a lucky day you might meet the “wild ninja” the leopard that is the top predator here. After about 1.5 hours of exploring this jungle return to the lodge for lunch

After lunch transfer to any of the adjacent community who are found close to the park.  While here you will interact with the Banyakole people who will take you through their cultural and social life aspects which include milking, cattle herding, you will meet the long-horned  Ankole cattle that is a highly cherished by the Banyakole given its cultural sentimental value attached to these cows. After this activity, you will return to Kampala and this ends your safari to Lake Mburo National Park.

In case you of an extra day in Uganda, enjoy the sights and sounds of Kampala as you engage in a Kampala day trip. This 1 day Kampala city gets you to visit the various Uganda safari attractions in Kampala city. Attractions in Kampala that will get you marvelling at the rich cultural & history diversity of this city include a visit to the oldest tombs in east and central Africa Kasubi tombs, make a detour to the Namugongo martyrs shrine and listen to the religious history of this land, proceed to the oldest museum east Africa Uganda museum to fully understand Uganda’s political journey and the nation’s culture. Meet the hustle and bustle of Kampala with a visit to the old taxi park in Kampala to have an in-depth understanding of Uganda’s transport then slope to the Owino market and see how Uganda’s trade to earn a living or negotiate for the best bargain there is in town. Still while on this Kampala day tour, don’t miss out on visiting Bulange Mengo and Kabaka’s palace or Lubiri Mengo to further a more robust understanding of one of the oldest kingdoms on the plains of east and central Africa.

As you do your Kampala city, choose to stay in any of the numerous Kampala hotels, Kampala has a wide range of hotels and this range from the luxury hotel in Uganda or upmarket hotels in Uganda to mid-range hotels in Uganda or standard hotels in Uganda and finally to budget hotels in Uganda. or basic hotels in Uganda 





1 Day Lake Mburo Cultural Safari with a Nature Hike / 1 Day Uganda Wildlife Safari with Cultural Encounter.
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